2016: Year in Review

2016 I feel was a calmer year for us camping, but I also feel that we got a better footing for our camping style for years to come. Practice makes perfect, right?

Here’s the Stats of our 2016 Camping Year:

  • Camped a total of 32 nights
  • 10 nights in Public or State Park Campgrounds
  • 22 nights in Private Campgrounds
  • States Visited: 4, – Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina and Florida
  • Stayed at 2 KOAs
  • Stayed at 1 Yogi Bear’s Camp Jellystone
  • Visited 1 National Park – Great Smoky Mountiains
  • Out of all the places we stayed only one we would not go back to.

In more detail:

We started out the camping year in March on Liam’s Spring Break vacation by visiting one of our favorite campgrounds: Hunting Island State Park we camped there for two nights in March and then again two nights in June and that was it there for the year. Hunting Island was hit pretty hard during Hurricane Matthew 🙁 and will not completely reopen until May of 2017, I believe. You can read more about those two trips here and here.

Next during that week of Spring Break we camped for one night at another favorite campground Camp Lake Jasper and then we headed down to Florida to meet up with our camping buddies The Perezes to camp for three nights at the KOA Kennedy Space Center. We basically camped that one night at Camp Lake Jasper in that instance so we could get the camper ready and on the road earlier in the morning. Our visit down in Titusville/Cape Canaveral area of Florida was of course great because we were with good friends, but this campground in particular although our immediate sites were nice the campground itself left a lot to be desired. I feel bad criticizing it because the staff we dealt with was nice but the campground overall was just not one I think many people would like to hang out at and that taught me a lesson about doing my research, research, research when making campground reservations. If I had read more of the reviews of this location I don’t think I would have booked that campground, but live and learn.

After that spring break week of camping we didn’t really have a chance to camp again until school was out for the summer. Once Liam was on summer vacation we hopped back in the camper and set out for a few more adventures. First up back to Hunting Island State Park, then down to St. Mary’s, GA to stay only one night at a KOA. We only stayed one night because a bad storm was predicted to come thru the next day so they let us back out of the rest of our reservations. That campground was night, pretty big and spacious sites. The staff was very friendly and they provided a waffle breakfast for the guests, but if we ever camp back down in this area we want to try out Crooked River State Park. I didn’t even blog about that trip because we didn’t really do anything but get down there and then come back the next day. Oh well.

We spent Father’s Day weekend at The Campground at James Island County Park in Charleston, SC, which was AWESOME!!! We (as many others) love that campground and would go back in a heartbeat for many reasons. You can read about our visit to this campground here.

Next we set out for our big trip of the summer, The Great Smoky Mountains and Myrtle Beach, SC. We had a great time at both locations. On the way up to the Great Smoky Mountains we camped for two night at Paris Mountain State Park and toured and visited the Greenville, SC area. That was a lot of fun and you can read about that here.

We camped for 6 nights in Cherokee, NC at Yogi Bear in the Smokies Campground and spent the Fourth of July holiday there and then headed to Myrtle Beach, SC and camped for 5 nights at Ocean Lakes Campground. That was a fun trip all the way around. It was nice to be in our camper for so many nights in a row.

After that we had a lot of changes take place with our camper situation – we decided to start renting out our 26 foot Forest River Travel Trailer and looked into purchasing a new smaller camper for our future trips. And we did, but because of those changes and the school year starting again we held off on camping for a few months. You can read about the new camper here.

We didn’t take another camping trip until November when we headed back up to the Greenville/Spartanburg area of South Carolina to pick up our new camper. We camped for two night at Croft State Park in Spartanburg, SC which we really enjoyed and would love to go back to.

To wrap up the year of 2016 as far as camping trips go we headed back down to Florida this time Dunedin, Florida for the week of Thanksgiving and we camped for 5 nights at the Dunedin RV Resort, which was another great camping trip. You can read all about that here.

Looking back we had a great year of camping we continue to be very lucky and blessed to have this opportunity. One thing we’d like to change going forward is the ratio of public vs. private campgrounds. We’d like to camp at more public campgrounds and we’ll see if we can achieve that going forward. It’s not set in stone for us either way we just seem to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere you get in a state/county park over a private rv park.  We are really getting some good systems in place to make trips easier and more enjoyable and we look forward to a great year in 2017 with some more fun trips already planned and to be planned. Hope to see you at the campground this year.

How was your 2016? Did you go on some great camping trips? Do you have plans for 2017 already, where are you heading?

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