5 Reasons to love Georgia State Parks

After our recent camping trip to another Georgia State Park we started realizing exactly why we love Georgia State Parks so much.

Here are five reasons we LOVE Georgia State Parks:

  1. Affordable. If you do not want to break the bank while taking a weekend camping trip then a State Park campground is a great option for you. Campsites will range from about $26.00 to $35.00 a night depending on where you are camping at. Most if not all campgrounds offer water and electric hookups and some offer full hookups (even cable). All campgrounds have a dumpstation and some kind of comfort station. (showers, toilets, etc.) Some campgrounds have splash pads, most have playgrounds.
  2. Large Spacious Campsites. So far all the Georgia State Parks we have been to offer very nice and spacious campsites. They all include a picnic table and fire ring. You’re certainly not crammed into your site and on top of your neighbor, there is a good amount of privacy and space to breathe.
  3. They are Clean, Well Maintained, Beautiful State Parks run by teams of friendly staff members, that make your camping experience very pleasurable.
  4. Variety – Georgia is a big state that covers a lot of different kinds of terrain in the United States. You have Coastal Georgia, where you can camp in the Low-Country not far away from some nice beaches to the Northwest of Georgia where you can camp in the Mountains or the Wine Country of Georgia. There is even a “Grand Canyon” in Georgia, have you seen that?
  5. RV Club. They have an RV Club! How awesome is that?.! Camp for 9 nights (collect 9 stickers for each night of camping) and the 10th night is free! Sign up for the RV Club and you’ll receive a “passport” to collect all your stickers in, an RV club keychain and magnet.

So there you have it. 5 reasons why we love camping and visiting Georgia State Park and 5 reason why we think you will too. What do you think? Do have more reasons to love the state parks? Which ones have you been too?

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Here’s some of the State Parks we’ve blogged about already: General Coffee State Park and Reed Bingham State Park. Now onto to more. See you at the State Park Campground.

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