5 Stops Left and We’re Really Getting Into Our Groove Now – Check out our visit to Palmetto Island State Park [Stop 32: Road Trip 2015]

So after spending over a week in Texas at two different RV Parks that were just camping on concrete slabs parked very close to your neighbor (although necessary, due to what we had on our agenda) we couldn’t take it anymore and I was determined to do my research and find the kind of campgrounds we really loved for the rest of our trip. The kind where you’re surrounded by trees or have a beautiful view of SOMETHING other than the rig next to you. Like the campgrounds we stayed at in Green Bay, WI or Lake Tahoe, CA.

So I started reading a lot of blogs of RVers that camp in places that we dreamed of camping at to see how they found their sites, where they stayed and how they liked the sites and surrounding areas. One of the blogs that has been really helpful for us has been Watson Wander, which is a blog written by a couple Amanda and Tim, who live full time in their Airstream. Amanda writes some great detailed posts about all her stops around the country and several of the next few stops are thanks to reading her blog. So thanks Watson Wander!!

Our next stop takes us out of Texas and into Louisiana, about 4 hours down the road, to Abbeville, LA. This was just an overnight stop for us, but we LOVED the campground. I don’t remember what day of the week it was that we were there but it was during the week not during the weekend and it was almost empty, as you’ll see from our pictures at the splash pad we had the whole park to ourselves practically.

The campground we stayed at was Palmetto Island State Park. This park opened in 2010 so it’s a pretty new state park. Everything seemed new to us in the park from the playground to the splash pad it was all very well maintained and looked beautiful.

I don’t remember what we paid exactly that night but looking up a site to camp at right now it is only $18.00 a night. Which is AWESOME!!! I think that has been one of best discoveries or feelings we’ve had after jumping into this RV Camping World, Life, Hobby – that it’s very affordable and actually MORE affordable for the places we like better. Isn’t that great! How often does that happen? Not very often for me. 🙂

Again we were only here for one night and we mostly played in the splash pad, but we LOVED the campground. Our campsite was so spacious and private and it was not buggy at all. 🙂

Here’s some pictures of our awesome campsite:

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After we were all set up we went to explore the campground and found this amazing splash pad, that Liam and Fer spent the rest of the afternoon at, it was pretty cool. Here’s some pictures:

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Well that’s a wrap on Stop 32 Abbeville, LA – Camping at Palmetto Island State Park, we give it two thumbs up.

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  • As always very interesting reading about your travels around this Great Country. I love all the pictures and the detailed information, Keep on Travel-en.

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