And the Winner is….

And the Winner of our FIRST EVER GIVEAWAY is Joanne P. !!!! Joanne has won a 3-Piece Bowl & Serving Set that Camp Casual graciously donated to our blog as a giveaway item. Thank you VERY much Camp Casual for your support, We wish you many years of continued success.

Our blog is still in the I’ll say toddler stages of growth. We are learning the ropes getting our balance and rhythm and are very thankful to everyone who subscribed to our blog to be entered into our contest. I hope to keep you all entertained and share some great content as the days roll on.

Our mission with the blog is simple – share our travels and RV experiences with others in hopes that we can help someone choose the perfect campground (or not choose one), choose a fun outing in a local area, eat at a great restaurant and MAYBE learn from an experience we had with our RV or on the road like SO many other Bloggers and YouTubers have helped us on this journey. I’m not sure how we would even know how to dump a black tank if it wasn’t for YouTubers and we have been able to pick some GREAT campsites because of fellow bloggers sharing their stays with us online.

Thank you once again for everyone who has read and continues to read our blog, we really appreciate it.

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