Backyard Tourist: 11 Things to do in Savannah, GA with Kids

I have wanted to start this series of articles on our blog for a while so here it’s goes. I’m calling it Backyard Tourist, where I will write an article about things to do, places to eat and some insider tips in our current backyard the Savannah, Georgia area. In this article I am writing about things to do with kids in Savannah. We often write about places (or share tips) on places we visit instead of sharing what we know very well – what’s in our own backyard. Traveling is always exciting but we have always enjoyed helping a friend or a friend of a friend who is coming to visit an area we know well with a list of ideas of things to do.

We have lived in Savannah for over 6 years now and before that we enjoyed visiting here as often as we could so I would love to share with you the places we love to visit, where we like to eat and some inside tips so next time you come visit hopefully because of things we’ve shared in this series of blog posts you will have a great visit. So hop on a trolley we’re going for a tour.

Now that we have five years of experience I feel pretty confident on sharing ideas of What to do with Kids in Savannah. I am mainly referring to things to do in the Historic District of Savannah, which is all within walking distance. Just as an FYI – parking at meters is free after 5pm everyday and also on Saturday and Sundays.

Here’s a list of family and kid friendly museums:

  • Children’s Museum – 1st stop on any trip with kids would have to be to the local Children’s Museum. Savannah’s Children’s Museum has been open for a few years now and is awesome. It’s a great place for kids to safely run around and blow off a ton of steam. Our little guy loves this place. It’s open Monday thru Saturday during the summer and Wednesday to Sunday during the school year. It has different hours in the summer than during the school year. In the Summer it closes at 2:00pm (opens at 9:00am) and during the school year it opens at 10:00am and closes at 4:00pm. One of the reasons it closes at 2:00pm during the summer months is because the entire museum is outside so in the summer it’s just to hot to be outside running around that late in the afternoon and also we tend to get a lot of afternoon rain storms in the summer. So this is a great place to check out early in the day, wear the kids out and then they will just go with the flow for the rest of the day. Cost is: $7.50 per person – 18 months and older.
  • Georgia State Railroad Museum – this almost seams like part of the Children’s Museum, but it’s separate. This is another hit with kids, especially the train lovers. What’s nice about this museum and I think what the kids like a lot about it is that you can walk in an out of almost all of the train cars you see at the museum so it’s very interactive that way. Hours are Monday – Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Cost is: $10.00 per adult and $6.00 for children (2-12). There is a parking lot for both the Children’s and Railroad Museum.
    You can purchase a combination ticket $17.00 for Adults and $11.00 for kids (2-12) and that will get you into 5 different places around Savannah two of them being the Children’s Museum and the Railroad Museum. The pass is good for three days too, it’s a really good deal and you can find out more about that here.
  • Telfair Museums – in particular for kids the Jepsen Center. The Jepsen Center is a more modern looking museum and has a great section called ArtZeum which is an interactive children’s museum space. Cost is: $20.00 per adult and Kids under 12 are FREE. The cost is a bit steep but the cool thing about it is you get into three of their sites which are: Jepson Center, Telfair Museum (right next door) and the Owens-Thomas House and it’s valid for a week, which is pretty cool and allows Kids and Parents to get their fill of art. Insider Tip: Check the website before visiting (or even planning your trip) because one Saturday a month is Free Family Day at the Jepson Center and that’s a great savings. Another reason to like our Facebook Page, whenever we find out about these deals we will share them with you.
  • SCAD Museum of Art – We just recently went to this museum and it is awesome. It’s so modern and beautiful a nice contrast to all the historic (and beautiful) places in Savannah. What was really fun for Liam at this museum, besides the really eye catching exhibits, was they give you a map when you come in and send you off on a scavenger hunt around the museum and for each stop and question you answer correctly you get a sticker. We all had fun doing this and the questions were easy so it was just an overall enjoyable experience. Here’s some info from their website about the museum: The SCAD Museum of Art is a premier contemporary art museum established to enrich the education of SCAD students and to attract and delight visitors from around the world. Introducing new exhibitions every academic quarter, the museum showcases work by a range of highly acclaimed professional artists, inspiring and challenging students across disciplines to push the boundaries of their creative practice. The SCAD Museum of Art is housed in an 1853 brick structure that was once a railway depot for the Central of Georgia Railway. This National Historic Landmark is the only surviving antebellum railroad complex in the country. Cost is: $10.00 per adult and Kids 14 and under are FREE. Insider Tip: If you have a Bank of America credit or debit card you can get into this museum for FREE every first full weekend of the month.
  • Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace – If you are traveling with a Girl Scout this museum is a must for you. Check out their website for the prices they vary depending on if you are a registered Girl Scout or not you can find out more information about that and their hours here.Here’s some nice outdoor places for the kids to run around at:
  • Forsyth Park and Playground – this park is a MUST on any trip to Savannah. The fountain is an iconic image of Savannah. This park is beautiful, which big open grassy areas to play a game of soccer or sit an have a picnic. There are two playgrounds based on age you can choose which one is best for your little one. We love visiting Forsyth and enjoy spending the day here. On Saturdays they have a great farmer’s market where they sell all kinds of local produce, local coffees, honey and delicious baked goods. You can easily go down to the park on a Saturday morning, buy some goodies at the Farmer’s Market and make a day of it here.
  • City Market and Ellis Square – these two places are right next to each other and a fun place to walk around and check out. City Market has a lot of great shops, especially if you’re looking to purchase some local art. There are also some shops to pick up some souvenirs and restaurants to eat at. I mention Ellis Square in particular because when it gets hot in Savannah (which is most of the year) they turn on the splash pad and the kids can run thru it and cool down. It’s a lot fun for them and parents can run thru it too or sit back in the shade and enjoy a beverage or have a picnic lunch.That leads me into where to eat, here is a short list of some family friendly – yummy spots:
  • Goose Feathers – This is a great spot for breakfast or lunch (they close at 3:00 pm everyday) They are located “on the corner” of Ellis Square, you can eat at the restaurant or take your meal to go and enjoy a picnic anywhere in the city.
  • Vinny Van Go Go’s – one of the best (if not only) pizza joints in the city. You can order pizza by the slice here or an entire pizza. This pizza is delicious and believe me I know… I was born in Connecticut, have you heard of Pepe’s Pizza? Van Go Go’s is a great substitute for this former New Englander. Just an FYI – they only accept Cash.
  • The Pirate House – This is a fun place for the kids to see all the pirate stuff around the restaurant and usually there is someone dressed up like a pirate that will come to your table and entertain you with some fun banter. This is the priciest option on this list, but worth the visit.
  • Clary’s Cafe – One of our all time favorites for breakfast or lunch. This cafe was in the movie “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” if you saw that… and if you haven’t you should. You can’t go wrong here. Friendly service, affordable prices and delicious food. Clary’s is closer to Forsyth Park so if you are spending a day there and are looking for something for lunch this is a great option just a few blocks away.A few great options of places to visit outside of the historic district we think are:
  • UGA Aquarium – Univeristy of Georgia’s Aquarium. This is a cute little aquarium. It’s very affordable $6.00 for adults and $3.00 for kids ages 2-12. There is an interactive portion of the aquarium called “a touch tank” where kids can get their hands in the water and play with the sea life for a bit.
  • Oatland Island Wildlife Center – This is a fun place you can walk on trails thru all kind of terrain and check out animals at different stops along the trails. Another affordable option and on the way to Tybee Island. Cost is: $5.00 for adults and $3.00 for kids 4-17
  • Tybee Island Beach – A visit to coastal Georgia would not be complete without a visit to the Beach. Bring your sand buckets and make a day of it with the kiddos.

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I hope you find this article and this series of blog posts helpful when figuring out what to do during your next visit to Savannah, GA. Have you been here already? Have you visited any of places on this list? What would you add to this list? Another idea could be after dining at the Pirate House to go for a walk along River Street – while you’re down there don’t forget to go into River Street Sweets or Savannah Candy Kitchen and get your free praline sample. Talk about YUMMOO.

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