Backyard Tourist: Tybee Island Light Station and Museum

A nice outing when visiting Savannah is to head over to Tybee Island, which is our beach here in Savannah. From the historic district it’s about a 20-30 minute drive. While you’re in town if you’re looking for a beach day this is obviously a great place to visit. (another option for the beach is to visit Hilton Head Island, which I’ll blog about later) A few weeks ago on one of our incredibly beautiful WINTER days here in Savannah we went to visit the Tybee Island Light Station (Lighthouse) and Museum officially for the first time. We of course have seen it and driven by hundreds of time (usually on our way to the Crab Shack), but this time we intentionally went to check it out and what a great time we had.

It’s a very casual outing. They are open for self guided tours Wednesday thru Monday 9:00am to 5:30pm. It costs $9.00 per adult and kids 5 and under get in for free. NOTE: The lighthouse does have a parking lot so make sure you look for that and don’t park in the lot across the street where you will have to pay for parking. Admission to the lighthouse and museum includes parking. Depending on the weather will determine if you can walk out on the catwalk “observation deck” at the top of the lighthouse. If it’s to windy, it’s best for you not to be out there.

So you may ask, how many steps to the top… it’s 178 steps to the top and all three of us on our own power (I think I might be speaking about me in that comment, not Liam) made it to the top. Wow. It was a good walk up, but what made it a bit easier was every so many steps  you can step off to the side and take a breather and look out the window at that level. We got up to the top and walked out onto the catwalk, holy cow. It was an awesome view, I snapped a few pictures and got right back inside. Fer and Liam walked around the whole cat walk, they were brave. Then we headed back down the 178 steps and I don’t think I could walk for the rest of the week. (Note to self – go back to the gym). Once we got back down to ground level we were able to explore a few of the other buildings there on the grounds. You can visit the Head Keepers Cottage, 2nd Assistant Keepers Cottage, Summer Kitchen and Gift shop, which is how you enter and exit the area. 🙂

Once we finished exploring the grounds of the Tybee Island Light Station, we headed across the street to the Tybee Island Museum. This museum is housed in Fort Screven’s Battery Garland. It was a neat museum to walk thru to see how people lived years ago in Tybee and to see what a hot spot it was. There is an observation deck, where you can catch some nice views of the ocean and behind you of the lighthouse. Inside the museum there are several exhibits some with photos of Tybee’s early history and the beginning of the resort era, as well as an exhibit of the old DeSoto Hotel and Tybee Island’s amusement park. It was a lot of fun, a nice way to spend our day and all three of us enjoyed it.

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