Beach Camping: Our Beach Essentials

Summer is fast approaching, well at least here in the Southeast, and that means great Beach Camping opportunities. One of our favorite local beach campgrounds is Hunting Island State Park, read about there here. So far we have really only camped there on the off beach season but we are looking forward to our first warm weather camping trip there pretty soon.

Last year when we were “learning” how to camp and RV we traveled down to the St. Augustine area of Florida for Fourth of July weekend. We stayed at the Beverly Beach Camptown Resort this campground is in Flagler Beach Florida about 20 minutes south of St. Augustine. We had a great time and would definitely return there again, just the next time I think it would be more fun to be on the ocean side of the campground. We were “across the street” in the campers village.

Well since Summer will soon be here I wanted to share some of our beach essentials when we are beach camping.

One thing that we have that I think is so worth the money is our Coleman Compact Shade Shelter, we cannot live without this at the beach. We bought it originally when Liam was born so we could continue going to the beach and not have him exposed to the sun the whole time we were on the beach. It’s wonderful, we’ve had it now for five years and it’s still in great shape. It’s around $40.00 and like I said completely worth every penny. It’s big enough for all three of us to fit in comfortably, you can zip it up for privacy, if say you had a baby or toddler with you and wanted them to nap or you have to change the baby or you. You can open the back “window” and the front “door” and get a very nice breeze coming thru and it cuts down on the heat by quite a bit. Another great thing about this Shade Shelter is that it’s so easy to set up. You can have it set up and using it in just a few minutes, if not one minute. It’s awesome.

Since in this instance we are camping, instead of bringing special beach chairs we usually just take our “camp chairs” over to the beach – which fold up and work great on the beach too.


The “front door” of the shade shelter folds down and lays out a bit that you don’t really need a separate beach blanket. For a cooler, currently I am using a Rachael Ray beach tote bag that has two compartments – one side is a cooler type insulated bag and the other side is a regular tote bag for your wallet or magazines. I love it and it’s pretty roomy so if we’re just coming from our camper and bringing over a few waters and sandwiches or snacks this works perfectly. I cannot find it online anymore so I’m not going to link anything here. We have something like this too and I think this would work nicely at the beach as well.

Another thing that we used for the first time on this beach camping trip was my new bike from Citizen bikes, I have the Miami model. Well I love it and a cool thing about it is that it folds up which is why we purchased it so that we could fit it easily in our RV for camping trips.

The area around the Beverly Beach Camptown RV Resort was great for biking and we really got out and took advantage of that several times while we were down there.



St. Augustine is only about 20 minutes from Flagler Beach and we went and visited it a few times while we were in the area, as always it was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed learning more about the town and sightseeing.

We took one of the Red Train Tours while we were there and we all enjoyed it and highly recommend them.



Of course we always recommend the basics while beach camping like sunscreen, water and for some of us bug spray, but I thought it would be fun to share a few of the things that we have come to really enjoy and count on while beach camping. I hope these recommendations help you a bit and help you enjoy a day at the beach in comfort.

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