Bozeman, MT to Reno, NV [Stop 15, 16, 17 & 18: Road Trip 2015]

The entire time we were in Yellowstone National Park we did not have any access to internet and at this point we had only planned basically as far as Yellowstone with actual reservations at campgrounds. (another lesson learned; you never know when you’ll have internet on the road, we didn’t even have cell service)

Before we entered Yellowstone we were hearing about the fires in Oregon, Washington and parts of California, of course this became a concern for us since we had planned after Yellowstone to head up to Montana and then start working our way towards Portland, OR. We met a guy in the campground at Yellowstone that was from California and told us some of the areas to be concerned about and also recommended a great website: InciWeb – Incident Information System – this website it actually pretty cool (other than the fact that is reports not such good things) but it’s really helpful to let you know about all kinds of situations that might be happening in any given area, such as: fires, floods, hurricanes, etc.

So once we got out of Yellowstone and into Montana we started checking InciWeb and started rethinking our plans of heading to Oregon. We headed to Bozeman, Montana anyways for the night (which in the end made us lose a day of travel time since we just had to head back down the next day) and watched the news and hit the computer to start reworking our plans. Like I said before originally we had wanted to visit Portland Oregon and parts of Washington State but it looked to dangerous for us to take that route. Also as we were driving to Bozeman the smoke was just getting thicker and thicker it was incredible. Growing up on the East Coast (we have pollution) but I had never really seen these fires and all that comes with it this way.

Bozeman seemed like a very nice town and actually I wish we had done some sightseeing there but we were on the move.

At this point we decided to head back down into Idaho and then cut thru the top of Nevada in order to get to California that way. It wasn’t until we got to Reno, if not all the way into California that we FINALLY saw clear skies again.

Here’s a nice Buffalo sculpture outside of Yellowstone on the Montana side.20150819_135808

We stayed at the Bear Canyon Campground in Bozeman, MT. It was very nice, the staff was nice. It wasn’t to big, it had great views…. if it wasn’t so smoky. Again this was just an overnight stay so we could regroup and replan our trip. We of course visited the playground but that is about it. It does have a pool and that was hopping when we were there.

Here’s our pictures from our Bozeman, MT campsite.


Here’s our pull-thru (full hookups) spot for the night. Man check out the sky, it’s crazy how smoky it is. IMG_1988


It was sunny…IMG_1983




There’s our little home on wheels.IMG_1978

Heading to the playground.IMG_1976

Our next stop was in Pocatello, ID… at a Wal-Mart for the night. This Wal-Mart was not as “luxurious” as the one we stayed at in Cody, WY. But I guess that’s good to work as an incentive to get you back on the road as fast as you can the next day. There was a lot of noise and movement all night long at this location so that wasn’t to relaxing… what can you do. At least our pictures make it look glamorous. 🙂




Elko, NV was our next stop. We stayed at Double Dice RV Park, Elko’s Largest Good Sam Park. This campground was different for us and interesting. It was basically a big gravel lot – which I guess is because you’re out in the hot desert. There was a restaurant/bar onsite and the campers got 10% off their bill at the restaurant so that was nice. We had a hamburger and beer – it worked out very nice and they had laundry facilities that were very clean so we were able to catch up on laundry too.

It was quite and the staff was friendly so it was a nice stop for us on our trek to California.



View from the campground, you can still see how smoky it was.








Back on the road.IMG_1997


Reno, NV was our next stop. We stayed at the Shamrock RV Park, which was nice and clean. The staff was very nice and friendly. There is a pool and clean laundry facilities, a “gravel” space for dogs – Zico is used to peeing on grass so that was different, I know TMI, but there is not a playground for kids. This is a big campground, there are a lot of spaces, but it does seem that people really stay here for months at a time. It is overall very well maintained though. We stayed in site E-1 for $35.30 a night ($2.00 extra for cable). We ended up staying here two night and not because we really did anything in Reno, we didn’t we mostly stayed at the campground, but we stayed here two nights because we were SO tired from driving. Here’s some pics from our stay:






So those are our four stops before arriving in Lake Tahoe, CA. It was several days of driving without any incidents so that was good.

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  • What a Great Trip, it makes one want to hit the road and see this Great Country of ours. Thank you for sharing your adventure around the U.S.A.

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