Campground Review: Myrtle Beach State Park

Spring Break 2017 (from Kindergarten) we headed up to Myrtle Beach South Carolina for another camping trip. If you recall we visited Myrtle Beach for the first time last July, you can read all about that visit here. This time we camped at Myrtle Beach State Park for 5 nights and LOVED IT. Let me give you a review of this campground, access to an awesome beach only steps outside of your campground = awesome! Enough said, right?

See from the from the entrance of the campground you can see the ocean you can even hear the sound of the waves in the middle of the night from your camper, or at least we could.

We stayed in spot #91, which was in loop or circle #3. The campground is very big over 300 sites and six loops but it does not feel overwhelming when you are in your site. It was not full when we camped there, week of March 20th, but there was a good amount of people camping at that time. The weather was beautiful in the high 60’s – mid 70’s the whole time, a few days were a bit on the chilly side but for the most part it was gorgeous weather, we really lucked out. The campground itself is very well maintained and every day you see campground workers cleaning and taking care of the sites. I was so interested in the beach, that I didn’t take to many pictures of the actual campground, we’ll just have to go back for more pictures. But the bathrooms were clean and well maintained they had several bathrooms and bathhouses all around the campground. There was a playground nearby our site off of circle #3, which was pretty decent. You can also tent camp here at the Myrtle Beach State Park campground in certain sites. There is a camp store with souvenirs and camping essentials. I chatted one evening with one of the people who works in the camp store and got some really could recommendations of things to do in the area so that was great. The campground does offer wi-fi and it was pretty good but sometimes to get a few things done faster we did have to use our hotspot. Our site was full-hookups, not all of them are, but a good amount are. Each site includes a picnic table and fire ring.

Here’s a picture of our site:
We really enjoyed this campground and would definitely come back here. I’m pretty sure in the summer all those trees give SOME shade and help cut down on the heat of the day. It was not hard for us to find a site when we went, we did book a few weeks in advance, but found a few sites with no problem. I’m not sure YET about how easy it is to book sites in the summer months but when I find out I’ll let you know. We paid $36 a night to camp which is such a good deal, I think. It looks like in the summer months it costs around $50 for a full-hookup site and $32 for a water and electric only site, which I still think are great deals. Of course Oceans Lakes (a nearby campground) offers a ton more amenities they are around $80 a night in the summer months. So the state park is a great deal in my book. 🙂

And now for pictures from the beach:
I mean camping this close to the beach for me and for the We RV Together team it just can’t be beat. We loved this campground and the Myrtle Beach State Park itself.

We also walked/hiked on a few of the paths they have in the state park, here’s some pictures from the Sculptured Oak Nature Trail. There is also a Nature Activity Center in the park but unfortunately we didn’t have time to get over to that and participate in any of their activities, I’m sure it’s nice.
There are several picnic areas and picnic shelters in the park:
Another thing I liked about this State Park beach was the different “textures” we’ll call it of the beach – different areas of the beach – it’s not just sand and water, there is a pier, a boardwalk and some grassy areas that you can picnic on or just relax at as well if maybe you don’t want to go all the way down to the sand.
This big Adirondack chair was I think the highlight of the trip for Liam, he requested we visit it every night:
And then of course you have just plain old fun playing in the dirt:
We had a great time and would recommend the Myrtle Beach State Park to anyone looking for a great campground and one that is close to the beach. I think this picture sums it all up. We had fun!
Have you camped at the Myrtle Beach State Park? What did you think? Stay tuned for our next blog post where we go over all the fun things we did during our Spring Break in Myrtle Beach.

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