Cody, WY [Stop 13: Road Trip 2015]

Stop 13 on our Road Trip of 2015 was not at any kind of campground but at a good ole’ Wal-Mart parking lot. We left the Black Hills of South Dakota and trekked all the way thru Wyoming headed for Yellowstone National Park. This was the part of the trip where we were really starting to figure out how much driving we could comfortably do each day and we really pushed it this day and drove for I think at least 10 hours. It was a long day. At the point we made the decision to start looking for a place to stay that night we were at least an hour from Yellowstone National Park and when I made the reservations for the campground at Yellowstone the agent told me that once you enter the park you still had another hour to go to get to the campground. Holy Moly. It was starting to get dark, we were starting to get tired and there’s only so much you can and should push yourself when driving cross country with a travel trailer hitched to your truck.

So we decided to either look for a campground for the night or a Wal-Mart. We had heard and seen people “camp” over night in a Wal-Mart parking lot so we though we’d give it a try.

Well the first Wal-Mart we arrived at was in Cody, WY and for being on the road for so long that day it was like an oasis to us. In a funny way it was almost as good or even better than some campgrounds we had stayed at while on our trip. As you can see from the pictures there were several campers already in the parking lot, so that was good and as you can also see from the pictures it was a beautiful Wal-Mart parking lot, very clean with nice landscaping. IMG_0218


view from the Wal-Mart – not bad, huh?IMG_0221





So even though it was free to park/camp overnight in the Wal-Mart parking lot, we went in the store and took advantage of being right there to do some grocery shopping and camper restocking and spent a little over $80.00 so Wal-Mart knows what they are doing letting people camp in their parking lots. We also ate dinner at the Subway in store so hey in the end it was like a resort style campground. By the time we reached this part of the country it was pretty chilly at night so that was perfect as well since we couldn’t run our A/C while boondocking. We actually had to put our heat on for the first time while on our trip at this stop.

Well of course not all Wal-Marts are the same, but the Wal-Mart in Cody, WY – I can highly recommend staying overnight at if you need to.

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