Congratulations You Just Purchased an RV! Here’s your RV Starter Kit Checklist.

So you just purchased a new RV, Congrats. Well your not done shopping yet. Of course I guess that’s similar to when you buy a home, but at least with purchasing a home you do get the basic necessities for your house to WORK. When you purchase an RV you will still need to purchase a few more key items in order to actually use your camper.

Here’s a list (a checklist) of what you will need to buy AFTER you buy your RV/Camper by order of importance, in our opinion:

We would say the three most important items are:

  1. Sewer Hose – you have to dump those black tanks somehow
  2. Drinking Water Hose – a regular garden hose does not work, your water will not taste good
  3. Wheel Chocks – you don’t want your camper to roll away

The next most important items we believe are:

Some items we have purchased later to make life a little easier and/or more comfortable are:

  • Sewer Tank Rinser – we can really get our black tank clean using this thing.
  • Mattress Pad – RV Mattresses are TERRIBLE so until we purchase a new mattress we have have purchased a mattress pad, which makes it much more comfortable.
  • Extra Water Hose – for washing of sandy feet, cleaning up camper items, etc.
  • Disposable Gloves – we refer to these as the “black tank” gloves – I wouldn’t want to empty the black tank and touch that stuff without gloves on and I wouldn’t want to use those gloves again after that, so we purchase a box of disposable gloves usually from Sam’s Club and have a ton on supply.
  • Cordless Drill & Leveling Scissor Jacket Socket – our new camper does not have electric jacks, it’s all manual now, this drill and socket makes the job much easier – to put the jacks up and down.
  • Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Bubble Levels
  • Welcome Mat – so you can reduce the amount of dirt and sand you bring into the camper, hopefully, and you can jazz up the decor of your patio area
  • Outdoor Area Rug
  • Camp chairs
  • Portable Grill

The list can go on and on of course and later on I will write about what works for us in the Kitchen of our Camper and more about our Glamping accessories. But the list above is what we believe is the basics that you need for getting out on the open road and enjoying your new camper. As a reference you can always refer back to our “Amazon Store” that we’ve created of items we like and would recommend, you can find that here and also in the tabs up above. Have fun shopping and Happy Camping. If you have any comments or items you think should be added to the list feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Not in the mood to buy all this stuff, consider renting a camper first or always. 🙂 Like this one.

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