Dunedin RV Resort: Campground Review

For Thanksgiving 2016 we decided to do something different and planned an RV trip to Dunedin, FL. We had never been to Dunedin before and actually before planning this trip we had never even heard of it before. It’s about 23 miles north of Tampa on the west coast side of Florida to give you a better idea of where it is, for those of you that don’t know where it is either. We choose that location for a few reasons some being personal and then the other being that it was a pretty good half way point for Fer’s family that lives in Miami to meet us at and spend Thanksgiving together.

We camped at the Dunedin RV Resort, which is part of the Sun RV Resorts chain. Good Sam gives the Dunedin RV Resort a rating of 9.5 for facility, 9.5 for restrooms and 10 for overall appeal and I agree with them. It was a very nice resort, very clean with some nice amenities – heated pool for one. Lately we have preferred to camp at State Park  or Country Park campgrounds but for various reasons this was our best option at the time and if you’re familiar with Florida State Parks then you know how difficult they are to book a campsite at, especially during a prime week like Thanksgiving. I am hoping to figure out that algorithm one of these days – how to get a spot at a Florida State Park, when you want one!

What was really great for us at this RV park and would be great for a lot of people I think is there is an Inn located right on the property. The Blue Moon Inn has 8 suites and judging by the one our family stayed in they all seemed very nice. So if you have family coming to visit you or “camp” with you but they do not have a camper then the Blue Moon Inn at the Dunedin RV Resort is a great option. You can share all the same amenities (except for the breakfast that the Inn guests receive), but you can meet at the pool, play some shuffleboard or let the kids play at the playground. It’s all there for everyone to enjoy.

It is not a cheap campground, with taxes, etc. it was close to $80 a night to camp here, which is definitely WAY more than we like to spend, but for this occasion it was fine. You cannot beat the location. You can ride your bike right out of the campground and right onto the Pinnellas Bike Trail, which is awesome. I REALLY REALLY wish where we lived had a bike trail this nice. You’re less than 4 miles from Honeymoon Island State Park and probably about 10 minutes from downtown Dunedin, which is really cute.

The sites are pretty spacious, some are pull-thrus and some are back-ins parking on level concrete pads. Each site comes with a picnic table and they are all full hookups. They do not come with fire pits and I asked if we could have a fire at our site (bring our own fire pit) according to them you cannot have a fire pit in your campsite so close to your camper? But they do have a community fire pit near the pool, etc. that they provide the firewood for, unfortunately we never saw anyone use it and we never did either. Once again it would have been nice to sit by a fire at night, but what can you do.

We stayed in Dunedin for 5 days so it was a great trip for really trying out our new camper. We’re working on getting a very smooth system down for camping as comfortably as possible. So far so good – we love the camper. We are hoping that because of the size of this new camper and makes us want to be outside more, that’s a good thing so we’re working on setting up a better living space outside.

One thing that we have done for the dinette since it’s really for just two people is purchase this little fold-up stool for a third person to sit at while eating, we picked that up at Home Goods:

Already enjoying a moment of Zen in the new camper:

We choose to make reservations at a restaurant for Thanksgiving dinner, which at first I thought my inner Martha Stewart would be upset about, but it wasn’t and I’d do it again. I enjoyed the meal, I didn’t cook, stress or have to do dishes and that totally worked for me. This could be a new thing. 🙂

How did you spend your Thanksgiving? What do you think about camping for Thanksgiving? Would you try and cook the whole meal in your camper or eat out? We had a great and look forward to our next Opting-Out trip. 🙂

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