Flash Back Friday: Stop 8 – Green Bay, Wisconsin

Well we have arrived. Stop 8 and we’re already in Green Bay – ready to visit Lambeau Field. At this point we realize we are really moving right along on our trip and feel pretty good about how it’s all going. On this stop we had the opportunity to stay at our first County Park, which we were discovering were really the type of campgrounds we like a lot. State, National and County Parks.

We stayed at Bay Shore Park and it was great. We stayed at this campground during the week and it was really quiet and hardly any campers there at that moment. It has electric and water hookups and a separate dump station for dumping your tanks.

No reservations are accepted and you have to pay in cash (no out of state checks). Camping is handled strictly on a first come, first served basis. The Bay Shore County Park has a website that they keep very up to date with how many spaces are available at the moment and for the next day. When you arrive you just pick your site and then fill out an envelope with all the pertinent info, put your cash in the envelope and drop it in the “pay here” box.

From the campground it was about a 20 minute drive to Lambeau Field. We spent a day at Laumbeau and had a lot of fun. We had lunch at the new restaurant 1919 Kitchen & Tap and did a tour of the stadium and field. We were hoping that our trip to Lambeau last year would bring some luck to the Packers and they would win the Super Bowl this year but oh well…. maybe next year.

The other thing I need to mention about this campground is that the park has an awesome Pirate theme playground! It was really big and very nice for kids. I highly recommend this campground and of course a trip to Green Bay to visit the Packers.

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