Happy New Year, Happy New Camper!

Happy 2017! Wow, did 2016 fly by or what! We can’t wait to see where 2017 takes us on the road and in life, we have a lot of exciting opportunities this year and we can’t wait to jump into all of them.

We last left off in Myrtle Beach, SC – where we stayed for a week in July. You can read about that here: Ocean Lakes Family Campground and How we beat the heat in Myrtle Beach. It was on our trip in Myrtle Beach that we first really saw the system of people (actual owners) renting out their campers and how it all worked and how successful it could be.When we saw this in practice a little light bulb went off and got us really thinking that this could be an option for us. Also on that same trip, we got to thinking that a smaller camper might just be better for us all around. Easier to zip around from place to place and that we didn’t really need all that space in our 26 foot travel trailer for our weekend trips. Crazy, huh. At one moment we were ready to buy a Class A motor home and now we were starting to think that a smaller camper would be better for us.

I would still love to some day sell everything and move our whole family into a motor home and wish this was something we had thought about years ago when we were younger and just starting out. But that dream is for another blog post.

Back to the New Camper… so we started to think well if we can rent our current camper we can get a smaller one and then just buzz around from campsite to campsite and afford both. We started to look. Our criteria was that it has to be much smaller, it could not be just 24 feet, we had to go a good amount smaller (to make it worth the change) and lighter, but still have the conveniences we wanted in a camper. I used RV Trader to do a lot of my searching, since you can open it up to a nationwide search or up to a 400 mile radius. My searching criteria was 20 feet or less. We did want a bed that you could walk around, not one that went sideways and we did want a complete bathroom with sink, toilet and shower. A few weeks later we found one that looked very promising and we started to pursue it. The closest rv dealer to us that had it in Georgia was around 2 hours away so one day we loaded up the family and went to check it out. It was funny our first impression when we walked up to it on the RV lot was “woah this is small!”, but so cute! We looked inside and it was all we needed and in this particular camper we like all the simple patterns (or lack of patterns, I should say.) We tried to make a deal with that RV dealership but they would not match the deal we had already found (on RV Trader) at Bob Ledford’s Adventure Motorhomes RV dealership in Greer, SC so we just went back home and made our deal elsewhere, with (Bob Ledford’s dealership).

Well we made our decision back in August after renting our camper successfully once and finally picked up the camper in November of 2016. We wanted to wait a bit before actually buying it to see how the rental option (more on our rental process in a future post) worked for us and we didn’t have any camping trips planned for a few months so we thought instead of buying it and storing it let’s wait to buy it and save a few pennies in the meantime.

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So without further ado, may I introduce our new 2016 Forest River WolfPup 16FQ Travel Trailer.

We love it. One thing we fell in love with right away was the large side window. We can’t wait to take this camper to some real scenic places, like Hunting Island State Park and just have the gorgeous view of the beach. I think the large window is one of the things that helps the camper feel so big inside. As we’ve mentioned it’s a small camper, but we do not feel like we’re in a box or claustrophobic at all inside it. I actual feel that it’s very spacious. I think I could live in a tiny house with no problem. 🙂 For us this camper is so cute and complete, it has what we need nothing more, nothing less. Actually in a way I find the kitchen in this camper bigger than in our other camper so that works for me.

This camper has some fancy upgrades, like it’s wired for solar already, we just need the panels and you can move the tv from the inside to the outside and it’s ready to go in either location (if we get a tv). But it does not have things like an electric tongue jack or electric stabilizers and that’s okay with us. As time goes on I’ll do some more blog posts about the inside of the camper and how it’s working for us and how we’re organizing (and simplify) everything inside (and outside) the camper. But now we have to do some planning for 2017.

We wish you a wonderful, happy and healthy 2017 and we hope you have a lot of great adventures this year. What are your camping plans for 2017? Do you already have some trips booked, like we do? All the best and maybe we’ll see you at the campground this year. Thanks for reading.

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