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Are you interested in starting your own blog? We certainly all have something to share with the world that can help other people, from sharing great recipes, tips on educating kids, how to manage your money and travel recommendations to name a few ideas. I have learned so much from other people’s blogs and really appreciate the honest, real ideas, tips and feedback people share in their blogs. We have basically learned how to RV/camp thanks to fellow bloggers and Youtubers. So what would you like to blog about? What do you have to share with the world?

Here’s a simple guide to help you set up a blog and get those fingers dancing across the keyboard to share some great content with the world.

  1. Set up a Domain Name and Hosting
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Start Creating Content

1) Domain Name and Hosting: This can be fun and also be the hardest part – NAMING YOUR BLOG – Don’t let it slow you down to much. You do of course want to come up with the best name possible. We knew we wanted to blog about travel an in particular traveling in our RV so we came up with as many ideas as we could using “RV” in the title. Once you have a list of possible blog names you can head over to BlueHost and see if the name you’d like to use is available. You can purchase your domain name from other places as well, like Google Domains or GoDaddy

  • Choose “new domain” if you have not purchased your domain name yet, choose “I have a domain name”… if you have already purchased a domain name. Easy Peasy.

  • Next you will have to choose a plan:
    I started off with the basic plan because I wanted to make sure I would keep up with my blog before I made any big investments and so far that has worked just fine for me. Although I can see upgrading in the future if we want to create more websites. Side Note: If you use BlueHost to host your website then they give you your domain name for free, that’s a great deal.

Then you will go thru the other prompts like filling out your personal info – name, address, etc. I would suggest choosing “Domain Privacy Protection” in the package information that keeps your personal address and phone number private.

and voila welcome to BlueHost:

2) Install WordPress:

  • WordPress is your blogging software in this case and the great thing about it is the WordPress, BlueHost relationship is a great one – they work very well together. 🙂

Enter the Domain Name you came up with:
Click on “I have read the terms and conditions” and “Install Now”
and after a few minutes you should get this!!! Very exciting.

Now your install is complete and you will want to view your credentials. You’ll want to keep note of your URL and your Admin URL, Username, etc.
Type your Admin URL into your web browser. You’ll see a login screen like the one below. Enter your Username and Password you copied down from the previous step.
And there you have it now you are officially logged into your Blog! Congratulations and happy blogging.

3) Now you can start creating content and making your blog beautiful. I spend a lot of time on the looks of my blog and I’m sure I could even spend more time, but I have gotten better at creating content FIRST and then playing around with the looks later. 🙂 My advice for starting a new blog is create new content as often as possible, at least once a week to keep your readers engaged. Reply to all your comments/questions as soon as possible and have fun with it. Enjoy the process.

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