Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada [Stop 23: Road Trip 2015]

Lake Mead National Recreation Area was our next stop and it was nothing short of amazing. This was one of my favorite stops just for the views. It was so beautiful, but MAN WAS IT HOT! Yes it was a dry heat but that didn’t help when my face was burning off. We literally could only be out of the camper for like 15 minutes before we had to run back inside it was so hot and it even took a long time for the A/C to cool the camper down. Wow.

With that being said – we would go back in a heartbeat, in the winter. 🙂 This was again a one night stop for us so there wasn’t much we could do but it was pretty cool to at least see it for a little bit.

On the way out of the national park we did drive by the Hoover Dam and check that out. That was also great to see but we just drove to see it, take some pictures and then we moved on. It is a very secure area so when we drove in to see it they even had to look inside our camper. Best to be safe.

Here’s our pictures of the gorgeous Lake Mead:








We camped at the Lake Mead RV Village, right inside the park. We paid $34.00 for the one night, they did offer a Good Sam Discount and it was full-hookups. It was a really nice campground.

Here are our pictures of the Hoover Dam:








Off to the Grand Canyon!

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