Ocean Lakes Family Campground: Campground Review and How We Beat the Heat in Myrtle Beach, SC

Myrtle Beach, SC was our next destination. From the mountains to beach. We had never been to Myrtle Beach and it did not disappoint. It was kind of how I pictured and in a good way. We stayed at the Ocean Lakes Family Campground. Imagine the biggest campground you’ve ever seen and probably times that by 10, well that would be Ocean Lakes. It’s huge, it’s like it’s own little city (they have their own little grocery store and even a small post office). You really do not have to EVER leave the campground if you don’t want to on your vacation. They have 859 campsites on 310 oceanfront acres, mini golf, shuffleboard, ping pong, a splash zone a.k.a WATER PARK, lazy river, lot’s of activities, nature center, five bathhouses, two pools and a partridge in a pair tree… sorry it’s Christmas time and the Christmas music is playing in the background. It’s big! It is the largest campground on the east coast and one of the largest in the United States.

We had a great time while camping here, we actually even extended our stay by two nights, because we didn’t want to leave. Ocean Lakes is in the center of it all – not far from the Boardwalk and very close to a lot of good shopping and restaurants. If you rent a golf cart at Ocean Lakes (or bring one with you) then you can drive the golf cart out of the campground and to some stores and restaurants in the area.

Here’s my take on Myrtle Beach, and keep in mind that we live in the Savannah Area of Georgia and before that Miami for 10 years – we like the heat. Well this time of the year – July – it was hotter than heck and for our trip that made it not so enjoyable. And why was it not as enjoyable as it could have been, because we wanted to do things other than be in the pool the whole time. We wanted to do some sightseeing and it was just to hot for that. With that being said – we will head back sometime in the Spring or Fall and be able to visit the things we wanted to visit. So once we realized we were just going to enjoy ourselves if we were in the ocean or at the pool the whole time we bought a boogie board and headed for the water. Not a bad way to spend your vacation, that’s for sure.

We stayed in Site #2021 and then moved over to Site #3048 (when we extended our stay), both were great sites. #2021 was closer to the water, but #3048 was an end site so it made it seem very roomy and nice to be able to sit outside and see all the people moving about. Both sites are very close to the beach. That is something I loved about this campground is you are so close to the ocean. I found that all the campsites were very spacious. Both our sites were on concrete pads, there are some that are just on grass/dirt. For the most part the campsites do not have any shade, just an FYI.

Site #3048

There is so much to do at Ocean Lakes. We mostly spent our time in the pool area. Just this year they opened up their new water park area and it is AWESOME! Liam loved it and would spend every minute of the day there if he could. I enjoyed the lazy river area. There are some organized activities going on at different times during the day, but we didn’t have the opportunity to participate in any of them.

In the summer months it’s around $80 a night to camp here, which is pretty steep but just the “water park” pool area alone is worth probably half that so to be able to have access to all that you do I think it’s pretty reasonable.

Here’s a view pictures overlooking the whole campground:

What we didn’t like about this campground: The one thing about this campground and would be my only negative about it is, we were hoping to be able to ride our bikes from point A to point B to get around the campground, but it is so overrun by golf carts and at some moments driving like lunatics that it was not enjoyable to ride your bike. That was the amazing thing about this place was in the late afternoon to quiet time at night it just got nuts with golf carts – almost like that’s the only thing to do is cruise around in your golf cart.

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I would definitely go back to this campground, but next time we go back it would have to be in the Spring or Fall just so we can do some more sightseeing in the area. I’m also thinking in those times of the year it will be a little more leisurely and not such a raceway of golf carts.

What we did in Myrtle Beach, SC and where we ate:
As you may have gathered we mostly spent time at the pool or on the beach (we bought some boogie boards and started playing with those), we did go out and take a few rides around town, checked out the board walk and took care of some maintenance issues with our tires (fun fun fun.)

We ate at Crabby Mike’s Seafood Buffet one night, yes we got caught up in the hype and excitement of all the seafood buffets that are in Myrtle Beach and ate at one of them. Crabby Mike’s is a nice restaurant, very clean and great service, BUT way overpriced for the buffet, granted there was a lot of options of food to eat, but it just lacked taste overall. So I wouldn’t go back and do not recommend it – to much $$.

The one place we ate (or snacked at) at that I highly recommend is The Donut Man. Yum. I had the Red Velvet Donut and we took home some for later in the trip. They were all yummy and the service here was very good as well.

So we’re ready to go back anytime to Myrtle Beach, we may explore a new campground next time even though we did like Ocean Lakes quite a bit. The Myrtle Beach State Park seems very nice as well. Have you ever been to Ocean Lakes Family Campground? What did you think? Did you like it? How was your trip to Myrtle Beach and what time of the year did you go? We’d love to know. I’m thinking it’s a great Thanksgiving destination as well.

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