Our 5 Take Aways from Two Months on the Road; What We Learned

Since I am in a reminiscing mood this week on the blog, did you read our 2016 Year in Review blog post? I thought I would write an article about 5 things we took away from our two month trip on the road. Of course I could probably create a list of a 100 things but let’s start with 5.

Here they are:

  1. We could do it! This has got to be #1. I think in life we manage to talk ourselves out of living out many of our dreams for many reasons (or excuses). As they say, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.” and that’s for sure. It’s hard to even remember how all this came about, but it was a very organic move in our lives. Fer was not happy in his job and we/he needed a change and what better way to start a new venture in life, take a new direction in life then to hit the road for a few months and hit the reset button. We bought a camper in April, he left his job in June and we hit the road in July and loved every second of it.
    If we had thought to much about it we wouldn’t have done ANY of that. But we did it (and survived) and would do it again. What a boost of confidence for us that we could take that trip and do so well on it. We went places we have never been before and figured out our way around the country. So what do you think? Would you do it? Have you?
    Here’s a link to all our stops on that two month road trip: Road Trip 2015
  2. We really love being together. Thank goodness, huh! This trip of course really strenghtened our bond as a family. We definitely had our moments of wanting to throw one or the other off the edge of the Grand Canyon…. but in the end it was such a great adventure and we will have memories for a life time. I just think how lucky Liam is that by age four he had seen places like the Grand Canyon. It was a great experience for him and he did such a great job on the trip. That’s something we really enjoy now that we have the camper all of our trips are memorable and we really enjoy them as a family.
  3. We could not have done it without Good Sam Roadside Assistance. Or some kind of roadside assistance specifically for RVs. I will write more about this later. If you are interested in learning more about Good Sam Roadside Assistance, they are offering a special right now, you can find that info here by clicking on this link: End of Summer Savings on Roadside Assistance – $69.95 It was a lifesaver for us in a few cases. We pretty much went thru all our tires on this trip and as in most cases these things do not happen when it’s convenient. We did have usually more than one spare tire with us, but with the weight of the camper we did not have the capability to jack up the camper enough to change the tire. On that trip there was only one time they could not find someone fast enough for us, but they reimbursed us no questions asked for the person we ended up using. I highly recommend them.
  4. We did not need the crock pot. LOL. We actually packed pretty well for this trip didn’t take to many things we didn’t need, which was great. But we did bring the crock pot and all though I do think this (and the instant pot) are great items to have in your camper, I guess we just weren’t in one place long enough to plan a crock pot meal. LOL So that was a heavy item we didn’t need.
  5. This is a beautiful country with a lot of good people. Forget what you see on the evening news every night (or read on facebook) this country is beautiful and full of a lot of good people. We never encountered a moment on our trip that we felt unsafe or wished we were doing something else. We went all the way to California and saw the beauty of the west coast and drank wine in Napa Valley. We saw Mount Rushmore and the Grand Canyon with our own eyes. We met wonderful, helpful people. Everyone needs to get outside and enjoy the beauty of this country and the people in it even it’s just their little corner of the world.

This to me was one of those unexpected beauties from our drive around the country. Fields and Fields of sunflowers in South Dakota. Just beautiful.

So that’s our five takeaways from our two month trip around the country. We left our driveway in Georgia with a few destinations in mind and saw everything in between. We had a great time and would do it over and over again. I think the hardest part of the trip was just that we needed more time in each place to enjoy them more. It seemed once we got to a place we had to find an internet connection and the next place on our trip to stay at so a lot of time was taken up with that. I also do not think you can really plan (and definitely not make reservations) for your whole trip before you even set out, you do have to be flexible with your plans based on weather, etc. etc. So the planning on the road is just the way it will be on such a big trip but if we had a few more days at each stop that would have helped a bit. Also by about the time we got to Yellowstone we realized we really couldn’t, shouldn’t and didn’t want to drive more than 5 hours a day so that did help us plan a lot more stops along the way.

Have you taken a trip around the country? Have you taken a longer trip? How was your experience? Would you do it again?

Now let’s start our 2017 camping adventures. See you at the campground.

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