Petaluma, San Francisco and Napa Valley, CA [Stop 20: Road Trip 2015]

After we left Lake Tahoe we headed towards Petaluma, CA we were so excited for this stop, we knew we’d be there for a few days so we could relax for a bit and also we’d be in the San Francisco Bay Area of California and close to Napa Valley – YUM!

Fer and I traveled to San Francisco (over 7 years ago now – WHERE does the time go) and loved every minute of that trip. Now we’d be heading back to check it all out again from the campground with Liam and Zico joining us this time.

We stayed at the San Francisco North/Petaluma KOA, which was recommended to us by a couple we met at our stop in Chattanooga. It was a great campground. We stayed in a Pull-thru full hookup site and paid around $70 (at least) a night. It was not cheap but it was a very nice campground. As usual we were on the go most of the time only coming back to the campground at night for dinner and to relax so we didn’t take advantage of to many of the activities or amenities of the campground. They do have a pool, a small petting zoo and playground to name a few of the amenities. It was a good sized campground but did not feel overwhelming. The way our site was set up it felt like you were not surrounded by campers all around you (even though you were)

This KOA offers a guided tour from the campground to San Francisco which we took. (Also not cheap, but well worth it) It was great.  (Petaluma was a great location for us because we wanted to visit both San Francisco and Napa and Petaluma is basically in the middle of both.) San Francisco was at least 45 minutes away from Petaluma so we enjoyed taking the bus tour into the city and take advantage of not having to drive ourselves around for a bit of our trip. The tour guide was EXCELLENT, he works for the KOA and is from the area and conducted an awesome tour. He is so knowledgeable about the area and had tons of insider information to give us the best tour possible.

On the tour we visited the Fisherman’s Wharf Area, Haight Ashbury Area, Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown (visited a fortune cookie factory), we road a cable car and ate soup out of a bread bowl just to name a few highlights. It was just how we remembered and loved it and it was so nice sharing this visit with Liam and watch him fall in love with the city as well.

Even though it’s pricey I recommend staying at this KOA campground and I definitely recommend taking the tour they offer of San Francisco.

that’s not the tour guide 🙂 but maybe someday.




















Here’s one of our few pictures of our campsite that we took and I think it was our first campfire of the trip.


The next day we headed to Napa and visited a few wineries. Like I said we had visited the area a few years back, now we were visiting in the summer and California is really suffering from this ongoing drought that it was such a contrast from our last visit where we saw everything so lush and green. Wow it was sad to see how dry everything was (and I think still is) we also found Napa to be MUCH busier than the last time we were there so this time we were in some traffic and waiting in lines places, but we still love it and would go back any time.

Some great memories were made on that visit.

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