Product Review: RVLock Keyless Lock

This past weekend we made our first ever camper mod to our camper, bigger upgrade than adding command hooks and this required a screwdriver, watch out we’re getting serious now. 🙂

I have wanted to change the “front door” on our camper since our first camper and since I found out about the company RVLock. I had come across several fellow bloggers/campers that had upgraded the lock on their RV/Camper door and it looked easy enough for us to do ourselves so when the RVLock company offered an amazing Black Friday deal I had to buy it. (You can tell we’ve had it for awhile now, right) This past weekend we installed it and it took all of about 20 minutes. It was so easy, let me go over the steps with you.

We purchased and installed the RVLock V4.0 Right Hand with Integrated Keypad. It also comes with a remote Fob.

  1. Gather your RVLock and tools (The only tool we needed was a Phillips head screwdriver.)
  2. Remove the four screws from the back of the current lock
  3. Remove the two screws from the side plate
  4. Now you can remove the front of the current lock
  5. Take your RVLock and insert it thru the opening in the front of the door (Tip: put the lock in the unlock mode so the bottom lock is not sticking out, it was much easier (actually the only way for us) to slide the lock in completely, with the lock in “lock” mode it would not turn and go thru the side hole in the door)
  6. Put the new side plate on and screw in the two screws (you might need an extra hand here to hold the front of the lock in place while you’re screwing in the side plate.)
  7. Connect the wires from the front of the lock to the back of the lock and tuck the wires in as best you can so they do not get pinched or in the way when you install the back of the lock.
  8. Line up the back of the lock with the front and screw in the four screws to complete the installation of your RVLock to the camper door.
  9. Now is the fun part. Setting your code for the keyless keypad, also extremely easy. The RVLock website has a very good video to go over the steps of setting your new code. It’s so easy.
  10. All that is left is to program/match up the Key Fob with the lock, which is also very easy, those instructions are in the video too. You do of course receive written instructions with your RVLock as well.
  11. By this point you have probably checked to make sure the lock works manually, but the last step would be to make sure it locks and unlocks using your code, your key Fob and your actual keys.There you have it. All done! Couldn’t be easier.

There are a few reasons we wanted this new lock setup. Number one – the lock and key setup that comes with your new camper although that key is unique to you from the camper next to you – RV/Camper dealers have a master key so if that master key got into the wrong hands they could open any campers they wanted. Number two I really wanted this new lock for us to be able to leave the camper with no keys what so ever in hand, if we wanted to go on a hike or go to the pool and now we can. Now all we have to do is remember the code 🙂 So we travel around with less stuff. (because you know keys can take up a lot of room in your bag). I think it’s also great to be able to give the code to your kids and then they don’t have to walk around with a key that they will probably lose. With that being said you can change the code whenever you need to as well.

The new lock is overall a very nice upgrade stylishly and by adding some additional convenience to our overall setup. I’m glad we made that change and will keep you posted on how it goes.

One of the places you can find the RVLock for purchase is on Amazon:

Do you have a Keyless RV Lock? What do you think of it? Do you think you would install one yourself? Well that’s one RV item on our To Do list we can cross off. Now off to the campground with it.

Happy Camping Everyone.

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