The Big State of Texas. Checking out Austin and Houston [Road Trip 2015: Stop 29, 30 and 31]

We left the winery and headed for Abilene, TX, not for anything in particular just to get farther down the road. In Abilene we stayed at a KOA. It was nice and clean and the staff was very friendly. It wasn’t somewhere we would pick to vacation but it was perfect for the one night stop over. Here’s our spot in Abilene.


Back on the road the next day brought us to Austin, TX. Let me just say Texas is such a big state in case you hadn’t already heard that, yes everything is bigger in Texas and it’s almost like it’s own country. They have food I’ve never heard of (and I watch a lot of food network), they have gas stations we’ve never heard of and of course some grocery stores that were new to us. It was pretty neat discovering so many different things especially since by this time we had basically seen the whole country.

Austin was cool, very unique, very young, just plain cool. We stayed at La Hacienda RV Park in Austin, Texas. It was very nice and clean and again the staff was very friendly. I would definitely recommend this campground if you are staying a few days. It has full hook-ups and spacious pull-thru sites. They have a pool, small gym, putting course and playground, we of course frequented the playground. There was an excellent Mexican restaurant right down the road, so that was a bonus. We did some sightseeing while we were in Austin – went to their downtown area and checked out their food trucks for lunch and dessert. YUM – it was fun having lunch from an airstream food truck while we were on our camping trip.

Here’s some pictures from Austin, TX:

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We were about an hour away from San Antonio so we drove there to spend the day sightseeing. It was neat seeing The Alamo and also seeing that it was smack dab in the middle of the city. I know many moons ago it was not surrounded by skyscrapers and restaurants, but I guess I still thought it was out in a big open space. We toured the Alamo and walked around their river walk area and had lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe. It was a fun day.

Here’s some pictures from San Antonio, TX:

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After our time in Austin we headed to Houston, TX for a few days. Fer had some colleagues he wanted to visit and for us to meet who lived in the Houston area – we also really wanted to check out Joel Osteen’s Church while we were in the area. It all worked out we were able to visit Fer’s friends and attend a service at Lakewood Church. Visiting Lakewood was an incredible experience and as Joel says in every service that you see on TV, if you’re ever in the area stop by and we’ll make you feel like you’re at home. That was so true. We were very thankful to have that opportunity and take a moment to say thanks for this awesome trip we were on.

In Houston we stayed at San Jacinto Riverfront RV Park. It was a very nice campground as well. It was a little outside of the city, but not far. Like with the RV park that we stayed at in Austin there seemed to be a lot of seasonal people at this park or just people that lived there year round. At San Jacinto I don’t think there were a ton of available spaces for people passing thru, it was a big rv park but I think was filled with people that mostly lived there. The only thing that really bugged me about this rv park was that they had a beautiful pool towards the back of the park overlooking the river, great place to catch the sunset, but the pool was only for people 18 and up. I don’t like that at all. No bueno. But oh well we were pretty busy during our time in Houston. We did not really do any sightseeing in Houston because we were so busy visiting friends, which is a good thing too.

Here’s some pictures of the RV Park:

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So that’s a wrap on our time in Texas, now we really start making our voyage home. Next stop Louisiana.

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