This time we left on a Jet Plane…Our Trip to Bolivia 2017

I know this is not a blog post about a recent camping trip, but I thought I would share it just for the pure adventure that is was and as another travel article. We do love to travel in our camper, but sometimes you have to take the form of transportation that makes sense for you to get where you want to go. So this time we took a plane for our two week trip down to Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

Fer is from Bolivia, he came here to the U.S. over 20 years ago for high school and college and while in college met me so the rest is history. This was our first trip to Santa Cruz with Liam and his first time on a plane so we were a little nervous as to how he would like the plane ride. Well we are happy to report that not only is he an excellent traveler by car and train he is also an excellent traveler by plane, that was a relief… and means we can go even more places.

Of course a trip to Bolivia for us is all about family, which is a good thing, but doesn’t leave time to explore some of the real treasures of Bolivia like the Salt Flats, which we will have to get to some day. No matter what we had a great time. It has been several years since I had been there last and boy did a lot change. The city/state that we stayed in for the majority of our trip, where Fer’s family is mostly from is Santa Cruz and it has grown by leaps and bounds. So many new places. Since I was there last they have built several new malls, grocery stores, movie theaters. It’s all great. The city is overflowing with people, it’s not as quite as it was when I first started visiting with Fer. But it’s all good, the people are happy and there are lot’s of opportunity for growth down there so that’s exciting. We were able to visit a lot of family and some people we haven’t seen in a while or I had never met. Of course we were very proud to introduce Liam to everyone down there.

We ate a lot of good food and explored some new places this time which I enjoyed.

One of the places we visited that I would highly recommend checking out if you ever find yourself visiting Santa Cruz is called Biocentro Guembe Mariposario. It’s a beautiful resort that you can stay at or go and visit for the day. They have an aviary, butterfly exhibit, restaurants, museums, pools all kinds of activities like kayaking and playgrounds for the kids. It was really a nice outing, we spent most of the day there.
Here’s some pictures from our visit:

Another adventure we were able to take while we were down there was to visit a town about 4 hours away from Santa Cruz, called San Javier. San Javier is the first mission town established by the Jesuits back in 1691 and the church is still open for visitors and mass till this day. A lot of Fernando’s family is from here and some still live here so it was nice to visit them and spend a few days in a small town and enjoy a lot of peace and quiet. 🙂

We visited a nearby town called Concepcion, which was about an hour from San Javier and had another beautiful church and lovely town square/plaza.

One of the highlights for us and I know for Liam was visiting a family farm while we were there. What a treat that visit was for him to see a real farm and to be able to explore it. It was a nice visit with family, here are some pictures.

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